Whole Health Reset

The Whole Foods/Lifestyle Cleanse to help you THRIVE and NOT feel deprived! 

push the reset button…

The Whole Health Reset was designed with the intent to help you “push the reset button” on your health.  To take you back to basics.

The program is designed to give you a clear basis to determine what nutrition and lifestyle habits uniquely make you thrive.  It is designed to get you back on track to feeling the way you were designed to feel: Incredible!

I believe that nutrition and exercise are major contributors to feeling incredible, but it doesn’t end there.  Through my education and personal experience, I have realized that nutrition and exercise are not enough that if they aren’t complemented with true Self Care!

For this reason, this group program focuses on the WHOLE you!

When you feel crappy, your energy is low, or you just don’t feel your best, or like the “old you” and you aren’t quite sure why……

You know you aren’t eating, moving or caring for your body in a way that leads to your optimum health, but you don’t know where to start……

The Whole Health Reset is a 6-week Group Program to help you re-connect with your body in a deeper way so that you can improve your energy, feel better in your body, and understand what makes you THRIVE! 

Before I begin, I want to be incredibly clear, this is NOT about deprivation or a weight-loss program or a calorie counting diet……I hate that shit and I’m pretty sure you do too!

This is an opportunity for you to take a moment to push the reset button and begin nourishing your body. You will learn in a supportive environment how to listen to your body and its individual needs.

It will also serve as an experiment for some of you who have been suspecting that a fodd sensitivity is stealing your thunder! You will undoubtedly learn a little, maybe a lot about yourself and your amazing body.  You may also learn that it has nothing to do with food……this is when it gets really interesting!

Life After the Whole Health Reset:

You will…..

  • Know how to prepare food to save you precious time during the week. 
  • Have a basic understanding of which foods make you thrive and which make you crumble
  • Shift your cravings!  Ditch the intense cravings because your body will feel nourished!
  • Know how to “treat” yourself in a way that feels good for YOUR body
  • Have increased energy (ie- no more  “I NEED coffee in the morning “ or ”It’s 3:30….caffiene please, or I’m not going to make it!”)
  • Think with more clarity – reduce the foggy thoughts, increase focus
  • Experience improved digestion and regularity
  • Have less annoying aches and pains
  • Feel lighter and just more vibrant!  Wooo!
  • Remove the bloat – that uncomfortable pressure that makes you feel awful!
  • Be less affected by stress
  • Become overall happier with an overall state of well-being
  • Have the feeling of being FULLY supported while you make dietary/lifestyle changes. (Hey, I get it, making these kinds of changes can be HARD! I’m here to help you break through any barriers that may be holding you back from the food that really makes you feel good in your body.)

“This Reset Program has strengthened my relationship with food and my peaceful self. Having completed it, the Reset is still changing my world!”

Christa Malsbury

Mom and Occupational Therapist

After the Whole Health Reset, you will have more energy and feel better in your body.  You will have the energy to do what you need to do but also what you WANT to do!  


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Program Overview

The Whole Health Reset is based on removing inflammatory foods, getting in touch with how different foods make you feel,  eliminating sugar cravings, and identifying & reducing stress in your life, and ultimately figuring out what way of eating works best for you.

Focusing on food is not enough, we have to look at the whole picture, so during the program, you will be encouraged to take some time to figure out what form of Self-Care works best for you.  You will be encouraged to try new things and put self-care higher on your priority list.

Stress Reduction, Self-Care, Movement, and Introspection are at the core of The Whole Health Reset.  The goal is to get you back in touch with your body and how different foods, exercise, etc, make you FEEL.

Here is what each week will look like:

Week 1

The first week will focus on preparing your body and your kitchen for the 14-Day Cleanse that will start in week two.  We will start with a Welcome Coaching Call to get to know each other and answer questions regarding the 14-Day Reset Elimination Cleanse and I’ll give you some prep tips.

Week 2 & 3

We will do the 14-Day Reset Elimination together.  During the cleanse you will get full support from the group via a Facebook Page, daily emails from your coach, as well as two more group coaching calls.

Week 4, 5, & 6

This is the Re-Introduction Phase.  This is when we will re-introduce some of the foods that you may have removed.  This is when we really determine what might be impacting your unique body.  I will support you through this phase through Facebook and Email Support, as well as weekly calls to touch base and answer any of your questions.

On the weekly calls, we will cover topics like The Phases of Awareness, Food Sensitivities, Gut Health, The Food/Mood Impact, Self-Care Obstacles and How To Overcome Them, and more.  Mostly, we will discuss whats coming up for you, and answer your questions.

What you receive when you register

  • 6 weeks with complete support from your coach ($900 value) – this includes email support, a private facebook group page, group coaching calls
  • 14 Day Reset Elimination Cleanse ($195 value) – 14 Days during the 30 days to jumpstart your new healthy routine with daily emails to keep you on track and a whole lot more.
  • 6 Group Coaching Calls  ($385 value)  One call 3 Days before the Reset Cleanse to help you “Pre-Set” so that you are 100% prepared on Day 1.  Another call on day Day 3 and Day 9 of the cleanse.
  • A Dedicated Facebook Group – Where you can stay in touch, ask questions and give/receive support from your coach and your peers.  Andrea will be answering questions on this page through the entire 6 weeks so that you are fully supported as you discover what works best for your body.
  • BONUS (for those who register early): 30 minute 1-on-1 Strategy Session ($75 value) – An individualized coaching session at the end of the 10-Day Reset Cleanse to strategize how you will move forward set you up for success for the entire month and beyond.

Plus all of the “14-Day Reset Cleanse and Beyond Materials” including……

The 14-Day Reset Guide – A detailed manual designed to provide straightforward instructions and suggestions so you get the most out of your 14-day reset cleanse.
The Pre-Set – Because you wouldn’t go on a trip without packing your bags!
A Daily Outline  – Breaking down steps to be taken during each day of the program
10 days of Food Inspiration – Daily delicious (no skill) recipes to choose from during your reset, so if you don’t want to think about it, we’ve got you covered!
De-stress Techniques – Improve mood, reduce anxiety, feel happier!
The Reset Journal – To serve as a guide to help you deconstruct your cravings and understand how you are feeling throughout the program
A Shopping List and Tips – Because I want this to be easy peasy!
Delicious and EASY Recipes – Designed to balance blood sugar, reduce cravings and boost energy!
Mindful Eating Guide – To help you to tune into to your body and its needs as well as wake up your taste buds! Yum!

This program is right for you if…..

  • You know you could feel a whole hell of a lot better but just don’t know where to begin
  • You would like support as you start the journey towards greater health
  • You know that juice fasts and calorie restriction are, well, awful!
  • You are sick of feeling like your cravings have control over you
  • You want to love being healthy, not rely on self-discipline until you crash
  • You want to learn about what foods make you thrive
  • You want to fall in love with healthy food
  • You rely on coffee to get through the day because your energy alone isn’t doing it

This program is NOT for you IF…..

  • You are looking for a weight loss program
  • You don’t like working in a group atmosphere
  • You aren’t willing to carve some time out for yourself
  • You don’t like to be on group calls with others
  • You aren’t willing to make changes in order to improve your overall health
  • You like feeling like poo most of the time and don’t need more energy
  • You think you may have an eating disorder……if this is the case, I would love to talk with you and refer you to some GREAT professionals that specialize in this.

“I loved the support I got through the program! My husband has more energy than he ever has before!”

Alma Quick

Mom of 2 Teenagers

“My mood is so much better overall. I am sleeping better. Eating in a healthy way for me requires a bit more work but it’s so much more effective. This program is very easy to follow, I’m still able to eat out and feel fabulous. Totally worth it!”

Christy Zuehl

Working Mom of 2


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