What is a Health Coach?

I use the term Holistic Health Coach and Integrative Nutrition coach interchangeably, but they are the same thing.  

A Holistic Health Coach is a professional guide and mentor who empowers individuals to take responsibility for their health and supports them in making sustainable lifestyle choices. Health coaches do not prescribe one diet or one way of living. Rather, they help people develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for their bodies.

When you work with me as your health coach, you will learn which foods work best for YOUR body, what stress reduction strategies work for YOUR life, and finding a way to move your body that works for YOUR body, so that you can live in YOUR rhythm!

It’s different for everyone because you are unique!

A Healthy Rhythm is a way of life where you feel at your best.  You feel healthy, vibrant, full of energy, and truly happy!  I want to help you get in your rhythm and learn how to stay in that place, even when life throws you a curve ball!

My Signature Programs have been personally developed by me to help you reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy, and ditch that funky feeling that’s bogging you down!

My commitment to you during any of my programs is that you will…

  • Discover what a “healthy rhythm” looks like for you. (Balance is a joke, it’s about “getting into a rhythm” that allows you to thrive).
  • Get tons of support at your client sessions (and in between sessions as well).
  • Learn tons of new nutrition knowledge in order to figure out what is right for your body.
  • Get resources to help you in your health journey.
  • Know how to incorporate new healthy foods into your diet with ease.
  • Learn how to tune into what your cravings mean and how to reduce them.
  • Feel amazing in the incredible body that you have.
  • Have increased energy for the, what feels like, 5 million things that you have in your life (lets get real, we have a ton going on, but it’s much easier to accomplish all we need to when we have energy!).
  • Reduce and manage the stress in your life which is getting in the way of you living your best life.
  • Learn how to make delicious food that is nourishing and EASY to make!  Remember, we are freaking busy….who has time for gourmet meals all the time?

There is nothing I would love more than to be able to support you in your journey to renewed health, vibrant energy, and help you get back into your rhythm (or help you find it for the first time)! 

Wanna see if Health Coaching is right for you?

Schedule a Complimentary Breakthrough Session (for a limited time.  I typically charge $147 for this).