I used to use wine to go to sleep. I was always wound up at night so I would have a glass of wine or two to help me wind down.

I always woke up never feeling fully rested, but I had to get up, I have kids to feed and get ready, so I would put on a pot of coffee……I HAD to have coffee to survive! Then mid-afternoon I would run to Starbucks and grab another cup to get through the last part of my day.

I was so tired during the day but then wired at night! It was an endless cycle of coffee in the morning and wine at night.

When everything hit the fan and I realized I was stuck in “scary mommy” mode (constantly irritable, tired ALL THE TIME, and kind of a bummer to live with), I discovered that I was perpetuating this cycle and burning out my adrenal glands.

I realized that I needed good quality sleep in order to tap into my natural energy which feels so much more amazing than the ride I was on before.
So now here’s how me and my clients power down without the wine.

  1. Set a goal of what time you need to be in bed each night to get the 7-9 hours you need.  “I’m committing to getting _______ hour of sleep each night this week.” Write this down, tell your spouse, tell your kids, set a reminder on your phone to get to bed.  Whatever it takes to make it a priority this week.
  2. An hour before bed, take a calcium magnesium supplement to calm your nerves, turn off your devices and do something relaxing. I like a bath with Epsom Salts and Lavender oil (or other fave relaxing oil) before bed. Especially after an extra stressful day, it can relax your whole body and prepare you for sleep.
  3. No caffeine after 10 am.  This can really hinder your sleep routine.  If you can cut the caffeine out completely, you may find that after a week or so, you are actually more energized than you were with the caffeine because you weren’t sleeping well. If you must have your coffee, cut back to just 1 cup in the morning, after you’ve eaten some protein.
  4. If you hit that afternoon energy slump, instead of caffeinated drink, try other naturally energizing foods like nuts or this amazing chia seed pudding. Keep these on hands so you don’t reach for the coffee.

“But Andrea…..when I go to bed early, I lay there wide awake!” If you are having trouble getting or staying asleep, or feel stuck in “scary mommy mode,” this can be another sign that you are struggling with Adrenal Fatigue (elevated, or crashed cortisol).  I was there once, and contrary to popular belief, this is not just part of being a mom.

Here’s to kissing Scary Mommy goodbye, one good night’s sleep at a time!