I said, “I love my thighs”…


I can’t believe it because I really meant it!

Let’s back up to the other night. I went to my Women’s “Networking” Meeting where some amazing women gather to connect, collaborate, and discuss. On this night one of the women in our group spoke and she asked us, “What is the sexiest thing about you?”

Now I could have thought of so many things about my personality, who I am as a woman and a mom, or something other than my body.

But when she asked the question, my body spoke LOUD AND CLEAR! And it said, “Your thighs!”

I mean, it was like those moments when you feel like God has spoken to you, or like when you get a gut feeling that is so strong, you can’t deny it. I knew with all my body that this was true.

I was washed with multiple feelings.

Feelings of “hell yeah! My thighs are really sexy!”

Feelings of “Finally! I feel good about them and actually think that they are one of the hottest parts of my body.”

Feelings of “What are these people going to think when I say it out loud?”

I was washed with feelings about whether my thighs were good enough, and whether they were worthy of love, but I loved them anyway!

I said it! I said it out loud to the group and it felt so good.

This is groundbreaking!

I have ALWAYS hated my thighs, EVEN when I DID have a “thigh gap”!

And this is even more groundbreaking because in the last 4 months, as I have moved into another level of deeper healing, I have put on probably 5-10lbs (I don’t know for sure because I don’t own a scale, but my body has changed quite a bit).

I learned to hate my thighs from my mother, and her mother. They hated their thighs.

I learned very young that if our thighs are anything but small and tight, they were no good and needed to be changed.

I also learned it from the media. Seventeen magazine was very clear to me that my thighs and body were never good enough.

This was deep-rooted shit! And it has been with me for a LONG time!

So, to say AND to ACTUALLY THINK that they are the sexiest part of my body?!

This is crazy! And it feels SO GOOD!

It’s the first sign that I REALLY am learning to love my body where it’s at and for what it DOES, not for how it looks (compared to societies ideal of beauty).

It feels like FREEDOM! And freedom is amazing!

What part of your body have you hated or treated badly over the years << Test First Name >>?

Maybe this has come from some societal ideal of beauty that you somehow didn’t fit into. You have been taught it wasn’t good enough or didn’t measure up. You got the message and it has stuck.

How would it feel like to actually love that part of your body?

Do you think it’s possible?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

P.S. Helping a client heal their mood disorder, their gut, and positively impact their overall health and happiness through a holistic approach to nutrition is my goal.

There are many reasons why weight loss is not a focus (some of my reasons for this are because I believe in weight set-point, health at every size, and weight gain or loss is often a symptom, not the problem).

However, body image and weight does come up and when it does, it’s often a journey of learning to love one’s body as it is by giving it what it needs in terms of food, movement, self-care, etc.

This was a very personal email for me to write.

I just wanted to share a little piece of my body image journey with you. It’s hard stuff to work through sometimes, but anyone can learn to appreciate their body right where it is. It makes the healing process so much more fulfilling.

I thought back to how I got here, to loving my thighs, and I will share that in my next post…..stay tuned.

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