Andrea is a mom, wife, and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who speaks about the real struggles (chronic stress, fatigue, overwhelm and anxiety) of motherhood. She gives moms the steps to get out of their funk and transform their lives so that they can live a life feeling energized, less stressed, confident, and happy.

She has been in a depths of mommy overwhelm! She suffered from anxiety, depression, and fatigue that even manifested into physical symptoms such as acid reflux, spotty vision, skin issues and chronic pain. Through tons of research, she discovered that she was suffering from adrenal fatigue caused by long-term chronic stress.

Andrea was able to pull herself out of her deep funk and heal her body through nutrition and lifestyle changes that literally transformed her life. She now can juggle all of life’s demands of being a mom, wife, business owner, and friend without feeling like a total failure at it all. Life no longer feels like walking through knee deep sand and doesn’t require coffee in the morning and wine at night just to get through.


She now lives the life that she always imagined and has the energy to enjoy it all.


Signature Talks

Nutrition Secrets that Dramatically Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and Constant Fatigue: Got a lot on your plate? Learn how to curb the stress and overwhelm with nutrition strategies that really work! (This is the talk for you if you want a step by step plan for healing everyday anxiety, exhaustion, and feeling like you’re spinning your wheels with your health and happiness.)

For professional audiences: Anxiety and Exhaustion is a direct result of chronic stress which trickles into the workplace and costs Organizations and Entrepreneurs a lot of money due to lower productivity, missed work days due to illness, workers compensation, medical insurance, and other stress-related expenses. In this presentation, I’ll cover simple ways to heal the root cause of chronic stress, anxiousness, and exhaustion for good through simple food and lifestyle upgrades.

For personal development audiences: Moms are the most stressed, anxious and chronically exhausted. Enough! Left untreated, loving moms turn into Scary Mommy, using wine to go to sleep and wake up each day wondering why they just can’t really feel happy and relaxed. Moms can learn how to get out of this hamster wheel in order to be more present with their families and get more done with more energy with my simple, yet powerful strategies for upgrading your food, sleep and lifestyle habits.

Speaking Style:
Andrea gives real-life stories and practical strategies to upgrade your life and break free from the mom funk for good! She’s funny and relatable so you won’t ever be bored.

Perfect Audience:
Andrea loves speaking to small, informal groups of ladies as well as larger, professional groups of working women who want a topic that can positively impact their whole life as an alternative to the typical business topics.

 Hear from speaking clients/audiences:


“Our school district asked Andrea to speak at our Redondo Beach USD Wellness Festival event and she was AMAZING! We asked her to come back to our Staff Development Day! School staff, teachers, in particular, loved that Andrea’s presentation includes practical tips to their stress and anxiety in the workplace to lead to healthier choices and a more positive daily work experience. She also received high praise from some health experts auditing the presentation. Andrea really worked with us to tweak the presentation to suit our event to meet the needs of busy educators who have families of their own to care for beyond the bell.”

-Aaron Benton, Executive Director, Office of Special Education

Andrea, Going to your talk was life-changing. Your story and honesty really spoke to me. You gave clear and easy changes that have made a huge difference. If I would have wanted anything more, it would have been a handout with info and names and amounts of suggested food and supplements, but I realize that may be hard to do since everyone is different and therefore has different needs. Thanks again for coming to speak to us teachers and for sharing your knowledge.

-Courtney Meyer, Teacher, Redondo Unified School District

We are so grateful to Andrea for speaking at our monthly Groundwork Co-Op Women’s Gathering. She spoke to our group about reducing stress, anxiety, and fatigue through nutrition and led such a powerful and informative talk. Personally, I appreciate how knowledgeable and entertaining she is. We received so much incredible feedback from our members, who not only enjoyed her talk but have also had great successes with implementing what they learned.

-Nicole Foster, Groundwork Co-Op CoFounder

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