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There is a term out there among the weight loss world that says “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”

Well, I call BS on that! That is absolute crap.

If this statement is true for you, then you aren’t eating the right foods.

Food is delicious!

Truth is, skinny isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  I have been skinny most of my life, and guess what?

Most of my life I felt tired, depressed, anxious and sick.  So skinny DIDN’T feel so great.

You know what feels better than skinny? HEALTHY! Healthy feels amazing!

What’s even better is that you can be healthy and still eat AMAZING, delicious food.

You see if we based health on appearance than I would have been healthy my whole life, but I wasn’t.

And I have a lot of friends who “look” healthy but some of them are the unhealthiest people I know.  Many of them are sick and depressed.

I also know plenty of people who don’t have “the perfect body”  and even some who would be considered “overweight” that are in great health.

So what is healthy then?  How do you measure it?

You measure it based on how you feel.

Do you feel….

Heavy, Bloated, Sick, Depressed, Stressed, Anxious, Fatigued, Constantly Overwhelmed

Or do you feel…..

Light, Vibrant, Energized, Clear Minded, Happy, Present, Calm, Grateful

I use to feel the Depressed, Stressed, anxious and CONSTANTLY fatigued and overwhelmed and I was the skinniest ever when I felt that way.

It’s not about the “perfect body”.  It’s about YOUR body!  It’s about giving it what it needs to FEEL amazing!

It’s about nourishing your body with amazing food, moving your body, and living a joy-filled life, where you are taking care of yourself.  A life where you feel good in your body and have the ability to play with your kids without feeling winded or overwhelmed.

If you are nourishing your body properly with the right food, you will get to your natural weight and will feel great.

Here are 2 simple things you can do to start to “get your HEALTHY back”:

1) A GOOD FOR YOU MOVIE: I went to see a screening of an amazing documentary called “Embrace: One Woman’s Journey to Inspire everybody.” It was incredible and inspired me to finally write this.  The documentary is all about loving your body regardless of its size, shape, etc.  It’s an amazing documentary and there are screenings all over the US and Australia. You can even host one in your town.  Check it out:

2) A GOOD FOR YOU CONVERSATION: If any of this sounds familiar, or you’ve been feeling stressed, fatigued, heavy, or anything other than great and are ready to start feeling better now, I am here to help.  Schedule a free breakthrough session with me and let’s get you back on a healthy, happy track, one simple step at a time.

Here’s to a Happy, Healthy, you!