It never fails.

Just when you go to make a positive change in your life, some sort of extra stressor or drama comes rearing its ugly head! NEVER. FAILS!

So, a couple of months ago, I decided that I was going to take a leap forward in my business.

I started to get more organized with my time, started cutting back on the things that I didn’t need to do anymore, and I hired a business coach.

And then, I got hit HARD by a VERY stressful situation!

Guess what is the first thing to go when these super stressful moments show up?

Yep! Self Care!

(This happened right around the time I was writing my email to all of you about self-care also…..go figure.)

I went on for a while trying to push through it and keep myself focused, but this stressful situation was literally taking over my life.

I started to feel scattered, overwhelmed, and irritable.

I started to feel very disconnected and had some symptoms of adrenal dysfunction start to show up….. NO, NO, NO!!! This can’t happen to me!

Even though I was telling my clients to make self-care their #1 priority, it was starting to slip in my own life.

But like most women, I didn’t recognize the impact it was having at first.

I was able to keep it all together for a couple of weeks, and then I started to see stuff slip.

I couldn’t focus.

Then I talked to MY coach!

She said, “Where are you fitting in your self care?” (My form of self care is meditating and journaling)

I said, “Crap! I don’t feel like I have time right now. I’m getting my running in (I’m currently training for a half marathon) but then since my business hours are while my daughter is in school, I just have so little time. I’m trying but I sit down but I get distracted and I’m not being consistent with it. I know I need it, and I want it but it’s just not working for me.”

That is when I realized that I had let this stressful situation take over.

I know what it’s like to feel solid and grounded and I was FAR from it and I wanted it back!

My coach said, “Remember, your self-care is essential to your business success. Fit it in during your business hours if you need to.  What about setting a timer?”

So, THAT day, I set a timer for 15 minutes, sat down, did my meditation and some journaling.  The timer went off, and I went on about my day.

Within 2 days I was back on track, feeling better and super focused! 2 DAYS!!

I’ve made my self care time my sacred time again and that first week of getting back on track, I landed a great speaking gig.

(Amazing how when you are good to yourself, good things happen!)

So that was the key, the timer.

I realized that I was not fitting in my self care time, even though I had it on my schedule, because I thought that if I sat down and started journaling, I would lose track of time.

The timer saved me from this (irrational) fear.

Just 15 minutes of self-care (WITH a timer) creates such a sense of new found energy.

And I now feel like I have more time because I am more focused and have more energy.

Taking this time (and setting the timer) is literally what got me through the last part of that stressful situation and kept me moving forward toward my goals.

So, moral of the story…..stress will come into your life and to stay focused on your goals, you must not lose sight of your self care.

Sometimes it’s not enough to just schedule the time, but sometimes you need a tool that will make it easier to actually show up for the time you have scheduled. (Have I mentioned how awesome a timer is? ha!)

If you feel like you need extra support to lower your anxiety and get back on a self-care track of your own, let’s talk!  Book a time to talk with me today, right here.

I hope you have an amazing week!