Mini Wellness Reboot

You’ve been feeling like crap, or just “off”.  Your energy is low to the point that you feel like you are slogging through your days and your mood has been all over the place.  You know you could be eating better, but you don’t know where to start.  You find yourself wandering the aisles of Whole Foods feeling completely lost and frustrated.

You want to feel confident walking through the grocery store, knowing what will work best for your body.

The MIni Wellness Reboot is a 3 Session Mini 1-1 Program to get the quick support you need to get started on the right track to eating what works best for your body.


After the Mini Wellness Reboot you will:

  • have the tools to reach your personal health goal
  • be confident when stocking your cabinet or walking through the grocery store
  • know how to eat in a way that makes you feel your best
  • understand what is REALLY getting in the way of feeling and eating your best
  • know your eating tendency and how to best support your new healthy habits

Andrea and I looked at ingredients on food labels together and discussed what ingredients are important to look for and what to try to stay away from. Andrea also introduced me to some new foods to try and gave me suggestions on how to prepare them. The best part was walking away with a better understanding of ingredients that will fuel the body, but also realizing that that it takes time and it’s okay not to be perfect. If you are too restrictive, you won’t be be successful.

Kristen Hoyem

Teacher & Mom of 2

I have 3 spots open for the Mini Wellness Reboot until January. (must be booked by November 31st)

After the Reboot, you will be focused on your health goal, and have a step-by-step plan to get there!  And, to top it off, you will feel confident in what your body needs and you will no longer feel overwhelmed while grocery shopping! You will know EXACTLY what to look for on a nutrition label (hint: it’s NOT the calories!) and will no longer be manipulated by food marketers.  You will no longer have to stress about what you need to do to be the healthiest version of yourself.  

Your Investment:


what happens once you sign up:

  1. You will pay and book your sessions via Satori.
  2. I will send you an invite via Skype.
  3. After the initial session, you will book your 3 “Reboot” Sessions.

What You’ll Get:

Complimentary Breakthrough Session

2 – 60 minute Sessions – Initial Coaching Session to get focused on your goals and a session to follow up your Grocery Store Tour/Pantry Cleanout

One of the following 90-minute sessions: Grocery Store Tour OR Pantry Cleanout

Label Reading Training (during your Grocery Store Tour or Pantry Cleanout)  

3 Spots Left!