Do you really want to get HEALTHY?  Yeah?  That’s awesome!  But I have to say that you are going to have to leave the black and white thinking behind you.

With nutrition, bad and good food lists don’t work….even when it comes to a lot of health issues.

Dieting, sure as hell, DOESN’T work!  But we all know that by now right?….right?….Hello?

I’m going to give you the tip that really works if you want to have energy, feel clear, and overall feel healthy and happy.

You haven’t heard from me in a while primarily because life happened, BIG TIME and all of the changes in my life only allowed me to take care of family and my current clients.

Another reason why you haven’t heard from me though is that, I’ll be honest, I have been struggling a bit with my message.  I’ve been trying to navigate the health and wellness industry and figure out where I fit.

My message is different.

I know that black and white is often what people want. People want me to be the expert to tell them what foods are right and what is wrong,

People want an expert meal plan to follow.

AND, frankly, weight loss sells.

I look around the health and wellness industry and I see those three things happening over and over.
Even when prospective clients meet with me, they want to lose weight (or the disguise it as wanting to “get healthy” when really they want to drop a dress size), or they want me to give them a meal plan to follow.

These things DO NOT help you get healthy long term.

I see these things as the focus of so many people’s programs though, because it’s what sells!  They feed off of our insecurities and fears and that’s just not what I want to offer.

I’m sick of bad and good food lists!  I’m sick of the black and white thinking!  AND IM FUCKING SICK OF WEIGHT LOSS AS A GOAL!

There!  I said it!  I don’t want to help you lose weight! I don’t!  I don’t give a shit about how much you weigh.  I care about how you FEEL!

“It is actually unhealthy to focus on weight loss as a goal.  What is actually helpful is to focus on health for health’s sake.” -Isabel Foxen Duke

I want to help you FEEL better! 

I don’t operate in the black and white.  Because there is a whole heck of a lot of gray areas and that is where the magic happens.

It feels uncertain for people at first, but if you want to get HEALTHY as a goal, then you have to stop looking at your weight as a measurement of your health.

Your weight isn’t a measurement of your health.  Your weight is a measurement of the gravitational force on the body.  In social terms, it’s a measurement of whether or not you fit into societies definition of beauty.

Healthy LOOKS different on everyone!

So what is the answer then?  How do you know when you are healthy?  How do you know if what you are doing is working?  How will you measure your progress?  (Get to the tip Andrea!)


That is the answer.  Listen.

You have to listen to the nuances of your body.  When you eat something, does it make you feel good?

Are you full of energy or are you dragging and trying to push through life?

Is your menstrual cycle regular?

Is your poop fully formed and a chocolate brown?  And is it coming out at least once a day? (yep! I went there).

Is your brain all foggy or do you feel clear and focused?

Are you depressed, anxious, or have another mental health issue?  Or do you feel pretty happy and grateful for the most part?

Do you suffer from digestive issues or an autoimmune condition?  Or have crazy symptoms that don’t feel normal?

THESE are indicators of true health!  Not your weight or BMI!

When I stopped paying attention to my thighs and started paying attention to my mood swings, that is when I started to truly get healthy.

When I stopped looking to network marketing shake companies to tell me what healthy is and started eating real food and listening to my body, that is when I started truly feeling better.

When you start eating, moving and resting in a way that feels good in your body, you will get to a natural weight that is right for you.

Listening to your body is all it takes to get healthy.

It’s so simple.

Yet, it can be so hard.  It feels hard because we are so disconnected from our body.  We have been taught to numb out the symptoms with coffee or alcohol or social media or a pill.

We are so bombarded with conflicting messages and we want the “expert” to tell us what to do.  But YOU are the expert of your body.

The only way to truly know if something is going to work for you is to try it and listen to your unique body.

It is easier said than done sometimes.  There are so many things that can get in the way of us being the healthiest versions of ourselves.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand the message your body is sending.  Maybe right now it feels like your body is speaking a different language and I’ll get to that in another email.

For now, just start to listen.  Pay attention to your symptoms.  See if you can connect it to foods you are eating or stressors happening in your life.

So, that’s my tip…..Listen to your body.  You can start today.

You can only start to make sense of how you are feeling if you listen first.  So throw your scale away! It’s not helping. 🙂