Many of us wake up still feeling tired in the morning.

We snag our morning cup of coffee that feels oh so necessary when you have kids (and even when you don’t), we get a boost of energy, then we get super tired in the afternoon, and at night we can’t sleep.

This is a classic sign of adrenal dysfunction.

What if you could tap into your natural energy in the am, an energy that sustains you throughout the day, and minimize the mommy freak out moments that are filled with overwhelm, exhaustion and irritability?

I help my clients break the cycle of feeling tired all the time, and teach them to tap into their natural energy and feel tired when they are supposed to (at night).

So here’s my final tip if you want to get back to feeling amazing in your body and reduce the freak outs:

Fit in some YOU time!!

This is ABSOLUTELY, 100% crucial for your health.

It is in our nature as moms, to give, and give, and give to everyone else, and forget ourselves.

This is what leads to burn out (and adrenal dysfunction).

We forget that boundaries are healthy and really important if we want to keep our sanity.

Brene Brown says that through her research, she has found that the most compassionate people she has met, are also the people with the most boundaries.

If we want to be compassionate with our kids, our spouse, our friends, strangers we MUST set boundaries and model being compassionate to ourselves.

MOST IMPORTANTLY we have to be compassionate with ourselves and the only way to do that is to create boundaries for ourselves too.

Setting boundaries around your self care is having compassion for yourself and your bodies needs.

Here are a couple of things you can do to make time for yourself.

1.  Figure out what activity really rejuvenates you and “fills you up”.
Is it a walk outside?  Meditation/prayer time? A good book? A pedicure?  A run in the fresh air?  A bath?
The key is to make sure that it is an activity that turns on your parasympathetic nervous system.

This is the part of your body that slows down your heart rate, allows all of your body to rest and digest, and helps heal the damage from the stress response.

Hint: scrolling your Instagram or watching the Real Housewives does not count.
Drinking wine won’t do it either unfortunately even though it feels like it might.

2.  Make the time for it and make it a priority.
To start, find 15 minutes in your schedule EVERY day. Pick a time of day that works best for you.  Try to pick a time that is likely to not be interrupted by kiddos.

We all have 15 minute in our day that we can carve out. It seems like we don’t but when we make it a priority, there is time. We usually fill those 15 minute moments with laundry, social media and endless to-dos.

Where can you carve out 15 minutes?  You may have to say no to something or stop doing something else (Facebook time? I know this where I found time). This takes me to the next step.

3.  Set boundaries around this precious time.
Make sure your family and anyone that could get in the way of this time, knows that this time is precious and is a non-negotiable.  It may take a little trial and error to get into the groove of it (say, if you head out the door for a gentle walk at a certain time when people are used to you “doing it all”), but protect this time as if it was the most precious jewel in the world.

This 15-minute block of time is your gateway to rejuvenation baby, reclaiming your health, and lets face it, your sanity too!

Remember, if you want your children to be compassionate people, you must model being compassionate with yourself or they too will think giving and doing until you’re burned out is how you’re supposed to live.

4.  Commit and Make it a Habit. 
Your first job is to simply remember to do this each day. That in and of itself is a habit to integrate into your life.

And habit upgrades take a little time.

But the secret to making them stick is that what you choose do with your 15-minutes. It must FEEL rejuvenating! Sure, you’ll forget some days. That’s okay, try again. Set a timer on your phone if it helps remind you of this time.

If necessary, find an accountability partner.  Maybe it’s your husband, your mom, your health coach, therapist, or your best friend, but find someone that knows your self-care routine and can check in with you to see if you are making it a priority.

Once you start feeling the benefits of this consistent self-care, and your family starts seeing the benefits too (they will!), you will start to find ways to fit it in more often and increase the time. Promise!

Listen, if you are suffering from constant low energy, a “wired but tired” feeling, insomnia, or scary mommy moments (freaking out at the drop of a hat), I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

There many small, everyday ways to turn this around that happen to feel delightfully rejuvenating.  I’d be glad to help if you’re serious about getting this handled, once and for all.

If so, just get in touch here and let’s see if what I do is for you: Breakthrough Coaching Session (complimentary)

Here’s to getting some good soul filling, energy producing, scary mommy reducing, YOU time in!

I promise not only your body will thank you, but your family will as well.