Nothing frustrates me more than when I hear people sharing self-care strategies or complex cooking or recipe ideas and they say “It’s not that hard, you just have to make it a priority” or “You just get up an hour earlier and do your self-care.”

It’s always the people that don’t have kids that are throwing out all of these ideas about perfect health routines.

All the while I’m listening and thinking “They don’t have kids!  It’s so much easier when all you have to worry about is you.”

It’s freaking hard as a mom to get into any kind of routine.

My favorite is “get up an hour earlier.”  Ha! Often parents are already getting up an hour earlier than they want to because they have a kiddo waking them up. Plus many of us aren’t getting enough sleep as it is and sleep is crucial for good health.

If you want to focus on your health as a mom, it has to be easy.

Trying to take on everything at once or trying to overhaul your diet and your exercise routine can be overwhelming! Don’t do it that way.

At one time in my life I was trying to incorporate a consistent yoga practice, meal planning, getting more sleep, daily meditation, learning how to play guitar, getting out paddle boarding with my friends every week, and making more time to read.  I was trying to do it all at once.  Not to mention all this while I was trying to build a business.

Was I good or consistent at any of it? No!  It was too much.

I would just get overwhelmed and pissed off that I didn’t have enough time.

I realized once again that I had to take it slow.  One thing at a time Andrea.

Same thing when I made health changes. I am pretty darn healthy, but it didn’t happen overnight.

Three things I have learned from my own journey and from helping my clients find their healthy rhythm:

  • Taking on too many changes at once will leave you overwhelmed and it likely won’t last.
  • Healthy habits don’t happen overnight.  It takes time and patience with yourself.
  • It’s easier with support. (This is why people are more successful in their fitness routines when they work with a personal trainer.  The support! It’s magical.)

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when we are trying to implement new healthy habits.  First off, half the time we don’t know where to start because there is so much conflicting information out there.

When starting new healthy habits, start SMALL and with ONE THING AT A TIME.

My suggestion: pick one SMALL thing that you can implement now to create a healthier you and only after you are doing that consistently do you want to add in something else.

Small things, done consistently over time add up to give you BIG RESULTS! 

It’s called the Compound Effect.

Here are a couple of ideas to start with that make a HUGE positive impact on your health:

  • Don’t skip breakfast.  Start eating a high protein breakfast daily.  It can be a protein smoothie or eggs and greens with avocado or 3-Ingredient Pancakes.  There are several things you can make that are quick and easy but make sure to focus on Protein and high-quality Fat in your breakfast.


  • Add more veggies to your plate.  Getting veggies with every meal will give your body a boost.  Ideally, half of your meal should be veggies.  The other half should be protein and a grain or starchy veggie like sweet potatoes and then, of course, some fat (healthy fat is muy bueno for balancing hormones)!


  • Drink more water.  Maybe go buy an awesome water bottle that is easy to drink out of and set a goal for how many you want to drink in the day.  Try to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces (I’m about 155 pounds and I try to drink at least 80 oz per day).


  • Take one to two hours each week to plan and prep your meals.  Carve out an hour to plan some dinners for your week and go grocery shopping (or save time and have your groceries delivered). Then spend 30 mins to an hour cooking some quick items like a pot of rice, roast some veggies and maybe cook some protein like a whole chicken (or hell, buy some canned salmon or sardines or beans to throw in lunches for quick protein).This will save you tons of time during the week and you will have more energy to do everything you need to do during the week.


  • Take 15 minutes a day for Self-Care.  Figure out what type of self-care feels good for you.  Is is meditation, journaling, painting your nails, a bath, some stretching, time to read a good book?  Take at least 15 minutes per day to do something that fills you up and feels indulgent.Remember this (especially you moms), YOU CAN’T POUR FROM AN EMPTY CUP!  You have to take care of you so that you have more to give.

Now there are many small things you can do like this but these are the ones that I find are the easiest to implement.


Pick one of these or something else that feels good to you and start there.

Maybe just getting consistent taking a multi-vitamin or a probiotic daily is a good first step.

As women, we are really good at taking on too much, even when it comes to getting healthy.  So look at what you are doing and how can you scale back so that you can get consistent with one healthy habit and only after that should you add more.

Remember the Compound Effect. It will add up!  You’ve got this!

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