The report is due in two hours!! Or you’re making sales calls. Or perhaps you just got your kids off to school and are running some errands.

Suddenly, bam! Around 10:30 a.m. you hit a wall. You start to zone out, feel foggy or have a crazy urge to take a nap.

Hmmm…what did you eat for breakfast?

I hate to say, “I told you so,” so I’ll turn to Mom, who has said it countless times:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

It’s the meal that’s designed to supply one-third of the macro and micronutrients your body needs to run without a hitch.

So what are you eating each morning to do all these things? A cup of coffee gulped down on the go? A cup of sugary yogurt and a muffin eaten at your desk? Nothing at all?

Your body deserves so much better than that.  And so do you!

When you eat a good breakfast, your day goes smoothly. No growling stomachs, low blood sugar shakiness, or wandering attention to keep you from nailing those big goals you’ve made for yourself.

Breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism for the day and it boosts your cortisol first thing in the morning when you need it….this is what gives you the energy you need for the day.

I just met with my doctor the other day to talk about a workshop we are doing together and she said, “Andrea if I could just get everyone to eat breakfast, my work would be cut in half.”

It’s true! I also have to add that it also dramatically lowers stress in the body that comes from blood sugar imbalances and hormonal imbalances throughout the day.


So, it’s important to eat breakfast and it’s especially important to eat THE RIGHT breakfast.

However, most of my clients come to me and they are worn out and need coffee to get going in the am.
A good breakfast can help resolve this.

Now CHILL! I’m not saying coffee is bad, it actually does have micronutrients and can be great, but if you are dragging, and NEED it to get going EVERY morning (and maybe afternoon too), then you could have adrenal dysfunction or a thyroid issue.  If this is the case, LET’S TALK!

Here is a fun experiment to try…..

What Breakfast is Right for You?
One of the best—and most fun—ways to find out which foods serve YOU most powerfully is something called the Breakfast Experiment. This is literally my favorite activity to do with all of my clients!

For one week, eat a different breakfast each day. Record in a notebook what you ate, how you felt immediately after the meal, and how you felt again two hours later.

• Day one: Scrambled eggs or tofu
• Day two: Bean soup or a bean salad
• Day three: Oatmeal
• Day four: Boxed breakfast cereal
• Day five: Muffin and coffee
• Day six: Fresh fruit
• Day seven: Fresh vegetables

Feel free to repeat the experiment for another seven days with different foods each morning. Which breakfasts made you feel energized? Which ones didn’t? After the experiment, try adding in more of the foods that made you feel great!

Do you deal with chronic stress, anxiety, or exhaustion?  Do you have IBS or other gut issues?  Have you been diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder?  If so, did you know that you can heal from all of these things with food?

It’s intimidating because it’s hard to know exactly where to start.  That’s where I come in.

I can support you in making the nutritional changes that you can help you begin to heal your body from the inside out so you can get back to living the life you imagined with less stress, fewer symptoms, and a whole lot more energy!  Book a Breakthrough Session today and get your year started off right!

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Other than that, I would LOVE to hear if you tried the Breakfast Experiment and what came up for you.