About Me…

I am a mom/step-mom, wife, friend, coach, and mentor.

I will be sharing my story here soon so stay tuned.  

For now, heres a quick rundown.  I had a health scare due to chronic stress and anxiety.  I changed my lifestyle in order to heal.  A small part of that healing was done with food.  I ended up healing my anxiety and PTSD through many different avenues and also became obsessed with the food side of things. 

I got my Health Coaching certification and started guiding women in healing their bodies from things like anxiety, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), adrenal dysfuntion and thyroid conditions.  

It’s my passion.  I love helping women in their healing journey…..but there is more…….

My passion isĀ educating and inspiring busy, stressed out women, to be the healthiest version of themselves, so that they can live life with more energy, less stress, and love their body!


I realized that I had developed a really unhealthy relationship with food and exercise.  I was noticing that my clients would heal from different conditions.  Many times their anxiety would shift then to have anxiety around food. I also noticed that I didn’t have a very good relationship with my body.  I was constantly picking it apart and trying to make it smaller and I thought “There has GOT to be a better way! How can I really live like this, hating my body?”

Thats when I discovered Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size.  I had always focused on listening to my body but so much so that it almost turned into a diet.  Intuititve Eating helped me understand how having a healthy relationship with food can improve my health.  I also did traning on how to honor my body and how to focus on health promoting behaviors in order to live my best life.  Pro tip: Weight is not a behavior.  

I gave up trying to shrink my body and focused on how my body felt without judgement around the exercise that I “should” do or the food that I “should” eat.  I learned to take my healing even further and lose the anxiety around food as well.

I never was a weight loss coach, I always focused on helping women listen to their intuition around food, but now with my additional knowledge, training and lived experience, I help women heal their anxiety, heal their relationship with their body and food, and ditch diet culture, so that they live the life that they were called to live! 


If you are ready to reclaim your life?

I would love to help you!