So stress is just a part of our everyday life, but I know that for a long time I was struggling with a HUGE amount of stress and it was bogging me down.  It was depriving me of my joy and happiness, it was making me snap at my kids and making life really difficult.

It got to the point that it started to really negatively affect my health, throwing my hormones out of balance, causing me to have extreme anxiety and crazy symptoms like acid reflux and spotty vision.

It’s no secret that stress is a huge problem and is causing a wave of chronic health issues. It’s the root cause of everything from depression to chronic pain to cancer.

So what do we do?

Stress certainly isn’t going away.  I have clients that just want a stress free life, but I have to reframe that for them.

Unfortunately a stress free life exists is a pipe dream.  It doesn’t exist.  Every person has stress in their life.

Honestly, a little stress is healthy, but when it starts to overwhelm you, that is when it can be detrimental. 

Of course we do have the ability to remove some stressors from our life.

You can simplify your life and take things off of your plate.

You can ask for more support in your life (Ask for help more often, have your family watch your kids for an hour so you can get some quiet time, hire someone to deep clean the house, order a meal planning service, hire a coach).

You can even take supplements that help with stress (I’ll share some of my favorites in the next week Newsletter).

This is all important stuff, but I’m here to tell you that stress is not going away completely.

In my journey, I got to the point where my adrenal glands (the glands responsible for managing your stress hormone cortisol, adrenaline, regulating blood sugar etc) were worn out.

I had taken on stressor after stressor (even some really traumatic stuff) and never knew how to deal with them or calm myself through the stress, so I pushed on.  Well guess what?

The stress compounding over the years really takes a toll on your body.

Not managing the stress and just adding on more caused some huge issues for me.  Think of filling a bottle of water.  Your bottle can only hold so much before it spills over.  This happens to our bodies but the “spill over”  usually shows up in the form of exhaustion, anxiety, other mood issues, digestion issues, and often times chronic illness.

How does this happen?

The adrenal glands are two walnut sided glands that sit on top of your kidneys and they are responsible for a lot, however we are going to talk about cortisol (your stress hormone).

This hormone is crucial for you to live.  Cortisol is what helps you feel awake and alert in the morning and keeps you going throughout your day.  However, when you have too much, you are on alert or in “fight or flight” mode constantly (hello anxiety!).

Eventually (in simple terms)  your adrenal glands work overtime for so long that they stop producing the cortisol or the cortisol gets produced at the wrong times (tired all day, exhausted in the afternoon, and “tired but wired” and can’t sleep at night).  Does any of this sound familiar?

So yeah, my cortisol was completely flat lined. I didn’t realize it though, so I kept pumping myself full of coffee because I was always SO TIRED and I had a kid to raise!  What I didn’t realize is that the coffee was only making it worse because it was turning on the stress response in my body.

Once I learned about my adrenals and that I needed to support them, I looked for ways to heal.  I did several things, but I am going to share just one with you today.  It’s something that is available to everyone.


I know! I know!  It’s freaking hard!  My mind constantly races and I am definitely someone who is in my head.  I tried meditation before and just got frustrated because I couldn’t quiet my mind.

Then I realized that I don’t have to quiet my mind.  That’s not what it’s about.  It actually doesn’t require much effort.

So the tool I want to share with you to reduce stress is…. (you can just download the app but the website has a lot of great info and videos too)

I started with this app because it was super straightforward, accessible and relevant.  In other words, it takes the “woo woo” out of meditation.  

You don’t have to sit cross-legged on the floor in the mountains somewhere.  It’s not super “New-Agey” and you can do it anywhere.

You can get 10-Days for free, and get this……only 10 minutes a day for 10 days can literally change the outcome of your blood work. REALLY! So cool!

It can help to lower your stress, increase your focus and creativity, and overall improve your health.

I am going to be doing a virtual meditation challenge starting Oct 24th so if you want to join me, reply to this email and I’ll send you an invite.  I can add 5 buddies to join me on the Headspace Journey so let me know ASAP.

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